Monday, December 8, 2008

Sg days III

this post must be writing this for the 3rd time...both the times the comp laptop crashed for the 2nd time evr! :(

ok..neways, school started on 2nd jan. we went to skul dressed in 4mals...(make a gud impression :P)..ppl must hav thot we were, we showed up at school, n we were told that NJ had NO record of all. that was quite a shock. so we spent half n hour convincing them that we really belonged to the school, and wernt sum random vagabonds. then they put us in our OGs (Orientation groups)...for the next three days, I have no clue what i did..thsoe three days are lyk lost to me..i dunno what i did...where i went...whom i spoke with in my OG..i remember nuthing...n i dun even hav ne pix..i just know that we had to sign up for our subject combinations...and i launched a minor campaign to try n reinstate computing as a subject. we also had to take stupid selection exams for sum of the suubjects...accelerated maths...KI (Knowledge n Inquiry..aka...philosphy)..i wanted to take the KI xam..but i was sleeping during test
neways..then i got put in my permanent class..OG19...with shashank..apparently we had passed the acc. math class was a lotta fun...the orientashun games were amazing..n our class techer was lyk one of the coolest froods ever. i had a lotta fun in the amazing race type thing that we did as a class,,,n we came second in the school! the dance was kinda depressing...cuz i do NOT like to dance..n it ws soooo tiring..n repetitive after a while...but the dance party that ended orientashun week ws a bomb! prolly the highlight of orientashun week...oh n we also had a waterballoon fight, where we could pretty much hit ne1 we wanted with filled water balloons :) yep, it was prty much all out war...rofl
then, school officially started...every1 got down to studying...xcept me...cuz it was basically revision for me...cum on...i had to do vector scalar product... :-| i zzzed in every lecture except econs teacher is god...all i used to do in those days was cum to school, sleep in the library, n play tennis. the tennis court was the only place where i would wake up...cuz we really had sum really good players this year...seniors who passed out this year... the first three months are usually called the "honeymoon period" cuz theres really no pressure of academics...we used to go out almost every day...i chked out a lot of CCAs(co-curricular activities)...doing totally pointless things..i remember i bunked 8 consecutive weeks of GP (english) lessons...the first lyk a blank to me..its lyk i was on a permanent drug-fuelled high...cuz i dun remeber nething much we did then...which is gud, cuz i dun think i did nething productive then
all the direct scholars were pr8y much jobless..we went down to the city pretty often...n we would randomly meet up...discussing JC life...n prety much enjoying it...
but then march arrived, and it was tym 4 me to go home...jus 4 a week...but that was gud enuf...i needed supplies...n to, i came home...n then i went back...the week passed lyk a flash...i was back before i knew it.
when i came back, i had enrichment week. that was another fun week. we went to sentossa for the camp challenge. we built raft broke up in the middle of the sea, and we had to swim back to shore...laughing all the was amazing...great fun...i also went bowling...i learnt how to bowl...too bad i dont remember any of the techniques i learnt there. then i went for a movie...where there was so much free food...i cudnt finish
n then the screwage started...
1. nanyang research project...i got involved in a computing project that just sapped all my energy..n still is...n worse, its an A level graded i cant slack on it
2. PW..project is the saddest thing ever.
3. studies did get a lil tuff....i mean not the level of education..its jus that i cudnt answer a cuple of questions in every first i just shrugged it off...but then it became IIT training didnt help me in these questions...which wernt sums...but questions required paragraph length answers...
April was the so-called killer month. I had tennis national nationals...weekly class tests....maths accelerated program classes...maths olympiad trainings..weekly research olympiad trainings...i remembered pranav n I would encourage each other...just 3 more weeks to go b4 april ends...cuz pranav had just as punishing a routine as i did....I used to cum back 4m school at 8 every night...n collapse on the bed...doing tutorials n studying wasnt even in the picture...we passed april...alive...n suddenly life seemed so much easier...
April was the litmus test. things didnt get much worse than april...after we survived that we knew that the rest of our stay wud be comparatively smoother...may was ok...mostly Pw to work on.. tennis training was 'deintensified' started getting home earlier...around 6...haha. then i got involved in the national day parade..and all of my saturdays had to be wasted there. so, my workload was pretty evenly distributed throughout the week. PW was a disaster...our group was the most disorganised one...everyone was unique...uniquely disturbed..maybe thats y, when we did get down to work, we made such amazing progress...cuz no1s abilities overlapped each othes. we all had unique talents tat we used to the max...n then the may vacations rolled around...a month long break from theory...


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