Thursday, February 15, 2007

EVE n Fy6 - Da unholy combyn

Hey EVE, get ur story str8...u xpect me 2 believe BOTH global warmin AND da ozone hole??? Luk here, buddy, it aint happening..i may nt b da best follower of fy6 around, but even i kno dat hot air warmed by global warming will rize up thru da ozone hole n da heat's gonna go bust..dats it..problem solved...y u tryin 2 scare evry1 by complainin abt da temperatures rizin?
Heck ive bin arnd long enuf 2 fynd out sum facts abt mahself...u kno wen i was a kid, chasing crows arnd mah house?? yah, u know wat??? IT WAS HOT.... yah it was was very hot...damn it was so hot tyres of our car used 2 get stuk 2 da road...yah, u dun c dat happenin arnd here very much nowadays, do ye? luk, as far as im concerned, lyf hasnt gotten appreciably warmer in da 15 odd yrs ive bin trashing dis planet..i mean as a kid, ice-cream used 2 melt b4 i cud it in2 mah mouth n now, stil a kid, it STILL mets b4 i put it in2 mah mouth!!! It used 2 get quite cold wen i was a kid, n it STILL gets cold nowadays...Wat is da difference?? wat's changed? ...dats ryt, ZILCH!!!

π is a transcendental number. - (1) (Believe me)
π contains evry digit an infinite number of tymes - (2) (Prperty of transcendental nos)
π contains a particular sequence of 2 digits at least once (From 2)
π contains a particular sequence of 3 digits at least once (From 2)
π contains a particular sequence of n digits at least once (From 2) - (3)

All in4mashun in da wurld can be represented as a sequence of numbers (Olredy being done in computers, which store data as numbers) -(4)
All in4mashun in da wurld is finite (since we know ol da in4mashun, and human knowledge is finite) - (5)
All information can be stored as a sequence of 'n' digits, where n<<∞ (From 4 n 5) -(6)

All information in da wurld can be stored in a finite number of digits of π (From 3 n 6) - (7)
Da xact value of π is information (It is known 2 us) - (8)
Da xact value of π cannot be represented in a finite number of digits (From 1) - (9)
Der4, All in4mashun cant represented in a finite number of digits (From 8 n 9) - (10)
Der4, Hypothesis does not hold water (or nething els) (From 7 n 10)
Der4, Fy6 is wrong (By Theorem)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fy6 is wrong..totally wrong...its abso-frigginly-totally-mynd-numingly-lutely incompetent....its incompetence can be represented 2 da left of negative infinity on a no. lyn!!
2day i was studying fy6....or @least pretending 2 study fy6...n i came across dis piece of heaven called "Regnault's Apparatus"....Mah 1st rxn on cing dat name was "I gotta hav a heart-2-heart tok wit his parents on IUPAC naming conventions 4 weird surnames"..but den i saw da pic....
R's apparatus consists of 2 parts, a heater n a calorimeter.
Da heater consists of an air chamber C surrounded by....bottom is closed by a trap door P thru whch da solid S...A thermometer T is inserted insyd chamber C...Da calorimeter R is ....sensitive thermometer T .. wooden screen Q...
In case u have da IQ of a ded frog whch was smashed by a car windscreen, here r da parts i hav a problem wit:
  • Air Chamber C
  • trap door P
  • solid S
  • thermometer T
  • wooden screen Q
Solid S? Chmaber C? Wats next? Finger F? I mean, wat is da use of labelling common house-hold objects lik a thermometer??? i wud undastand it if it was a piece of hily destructiv techno gadgetry lyk, umm....
  • large hadron collider L
  • particle smasher P
  • F-16 Killer F
  • Integrated WMD launcher I
  • j**t Fyter j
@least dese wud be remotely kewl...unlyk wooden screen Q....I mean, 4 Pete's sake, Y ON URTH WUD NE1, I REPEAT, NE1 EVEN WANT 2 LABEL A WOODEN SCREEN!!! even raunak mehta, R, wudn't mistake solid S 4 nething els, E (n dats saying a lot, L)....sheesh S.
Peace, Yo! P

More answers


Sourav Ghosh:
q-> wat r axis powers
a-> powers dat go in 2 directions in da 4m of a 'X'


Q: Difficulty in cement industries?
A: Bad quality cement n bad quality of lymstone found in India

Q: Problems 4 khadi industry?
A: Bad quality raw materials....labour unrest...ppl dun wanna work in such lo cundishuns..

Q: Diff betn gully n sheet erosion
A: i> Gully erosion occurs in gullies...sheet erosion occurs in sheet
ii> Sheets n gullies r 2 different ways of ploughing fields
iii> It is b8r 2 plough in gullies bcuz dey r easier 2 sow seeds in..

Peace, Yo!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More answers 2 questions ppl din ask


Jimmy Valentyn, 9763(k):
Q: Fx of versailles Treaty (5 mks)
A: "Da treaty of Versailles crippled Germany".....dats mor..

Q: - purpose of da muslim league
a- to hate hindus....
. to do nutin at all
. to sit idle.
to demand 4 pakistan vch gets again rejectyed

q> y didcha cabinet not approve da muslim leagues demand 4 pakistan
a-> dey wer lazy bums!!!

"i was so bored durin da hist xam ... i went 2 da bathroom n was chattin ...n wen an invi comes 2 da bathroom n asks wat r u doin i say ..... khelar score dekhchhi...altho no khela dat day"

"i was isol8ed knew only 3 filled it up wid 1 pages of drum notations... n 2 pages of histry. da questions r longa dan mah answers!!!!!!"

q-> wat kinda relationship doz da pm hav wid da presi
a-> dey hav a very intim8 relationship...dey hav direct contact

Q: Y 15W bulb gloz brter dan 100w bulb?
A: "da bulb of 15w consumes very little power. It requires v. litle power 2 glo brytly. Even tho da 100W bulb consumes a lot of power, der is enuf power 4 da 15w bulb 2 glow...

Q: Draw Lactometer

Q: Draw apparatus 2 fynd latent heat of steam...
A: (clik 2 nlarge)

wat measures shud b taken 2 educ8 ppl?
a: teach dem EVE in skool

Peace, Yo!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

LoSErkut 4

luks lyk da last post elicited sum reaxions...2 bad i cudnt axully undastand wat da rxns wer... dat prolly figures..considering dey cum 4m Luzakuttians...

Deep .
Deep.....Deep...Deep....yup i agree hez very deep...2 deep 4 ne1's comfort axully. I dunno y hez got a period @ da end of his name, but i hope it aint due 2 ne biological factors...heheh, oltho, knowing deep, it'd prolly be...
I 1der y hez got a pic of 3 drunsets as his DP??? i mean it aint as if hez eva handled 3 drumstix even...i mean 3 drums? dat wud mean he wud axully hav 2 sell his unregistered jhopri n sell himself 2 j**t...(ewww)
U wanna kno wat i think? i think da pic has sum sorta symbological meaning..lesse...
3 drums -> 3 ovalapping...ummm....appendages
lots of cymbals -> symbological meaning...
blak dyud -> it symbolizes deep trying 2 count da no. of cymbals..but failing miserably as he cant count after 5...
blue backgrnd -> symbolizez da fact dat deep is colorblynd becuz his genotype is YY..(no gene of color differentiation)
blak stuff besyde da drums -> do i rly gotta xplan dis?

his activitiz include such gems as:
keorayin - oh yea..ol hail da gr8 keora master....da 2nd most "keoraest" guy in bosco
nutrifyin - congo deep...u magaed 2 spell nutrifying without thinkin abt nuts...oh, dats wr8, u dun hav sorry...
growin - ahem...ur dimensions in da x-direxion r olredy whch direxion r u growin?
blowin - no comments..nuff sed olredy
if u notice, none of his 'activities' hav a 'g' @ da end of dem...i gess dis is how deep spkz nowadays...2 hell wit ol established rulz of civilized sppech and enunciation....oh im sorry, it shud be 'nunciation.....

Mohan Ali Noor Isaac Arhaan Kumar
Wat sorta weirdo has a name dat is wider dan he is? Mohan Ali wtf? hw on urth does he remeber da ntyr friggin name? hey, ppl-hu-named-dis -obnoxious-fool,nex tym u name anoda poor fool, plz giv him a shorter name..1 whch fits in a normal person's vocabulary..n by normal, i mean a dude hu doesnt preach abt chipmunks livin his beard.
n luk @ his dp...wat sorta crappy fool makes up a weird coat-of-arms? dat 2 a coat-of-arms wit 2 gitarz arnd it n a tennis ball? ppl, get dis..wat friggin relashn does a gitar hav 2 a tennis ball??? lemme think...ummm, mebbe, NO RELASHUN??? it sorta luks lyk wat mah 13 yr old sofa set wud luk lyk if it wer dunked in2 a radioactive swamp 4 a cuple of billion yrs, n den a chipmunked peed in it...
Hav u lukd @ his profyl? he thinks its 'kool' 2 wr8 pseudo-german crap as his profyl?? wat sorta person calls himself a swissmullah? unless hez so retarded dat his brain axully moves in bak gear??? dats assuming dat hiz brain is sufficiently advanced 2 hav gears, which i srsly doubt @ dis point.

w8 a min....dis is my profyl...disregard evrything u hav red in da last cuple of pragrfz..dis has bin certified as da kewlest profyl on orkut..ol heil da gr8 profyl!

But, da absolute worst profyl on earth is dis 1 (u hav 2 b logged in2 orkut 2 view it):

Peace, Yo!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

LoSerkut 3

Shounak - Ravishin' renegade!!
Uptil 2day Shownak was livin on a suddenly hez a 'ravishin renegade'??? wat does dat mean neway? U may be ravishing...den how does dat make u a renegade? ppl, u cant do renegade-iey things if ur ravishing....
temme, hw many renegades hav u c
n hu r ravishing?? hers a list of renegades:
        • Arnold Schwarzewatever - Nope..not him ravishing n u'll b looking 4 an optometrist soon..i dunno wat an optometrist does, but it sounds nasty..
        • Rocky Balboa - Hell no..nt ravishing...

If i had 2 stare down a big blak dude wit a mohawk n a dari bigger dan aprateem (da Keoraest boy), i wud @least nsure i had a slight height advantage ova him..umm...sumthing lyk wear high heels...
        • Mohan Ali Noor Sumthing - Yah hez da swish mullah..but he aint ravishin..nt by a lon shot (yah, u can tell by now im running out of renegade ppl)

T |-| ë Þ!ÞË®... DoNt GeT aNy ClOsEr.........

Ooooooooooooooooh sumbd help me...da piper is gonna get me! Im so scared dat da piper's gonna get me n im rly scared by his rly scaree looking DP which makes absolutly NO sens!!!
Da dude in da pic is Darth Maul..Da kewlest looking Sith in da universe after Darth Vader..He's da only dude hu can wield a duble bladed lytsaber in da Star wars movies...n here hez been reduced 2 lookin scaree 4 an ova-gothified hormonal teenager hu thnks its "kool" 2 wr8 his name as 'da piper'....
dats da 1 thng i dun get abt ppl...y do half da profyls on orkut hav either a piece of arcane n hi-ly weirdified machinery staring out of it or a totally ridiculous foto of sum sorta anti-hero character looking lonely n trying 2 convince u he wants 2 be left alone...Yet it is precisely dese ppl hu hav da habit of sending hily annoying frnd requests 2 ne n evry 1 unda da sun...regardless of weda dey even wanna b ur frnds or not.. if u wanna be a goth, b a total goth ...dun b a lil pussy pseudo-goth hu thnks its so macho 2 wr8 weird things lyk "da seed is lissenin" or "alone in da nyt" or "my left leg aches" or "i hav an annoying itch in mah left dorsoventral-pectoral rib" (now dats jus j**t)...
lemme tell u sumthing...being gothic aint 'kewl'...hell it aint even 'kool'..or ne oda unsesky variant of dose l8rs...half of da ppl dont even kno wat a goth is...der prolly scratchin der heds thinkin wat on urth is dis guy tokin abt? well, if ur 1 of dose ppl, lemme tell u..keep scratching ur...ummm..wateva it is dat ur scratching....
Peace, Yo!

Monday, February 5, 2007

LoSErkut 2

Raunak Mehta
WTF??? Y does Raunak Mehta hav 2 whorekut accountz??? how big a bigshot does he think he is?? whoa..look @ so desper8 2 luk kewl..i hav 2 orkut accounts, 1 wit a pic of mraan hasmi lookin as weird as he possibly can n one wit a pic of hritik roshan...huz level of kewlness is several orders of magnitude above mah puny lil xistence..
Facts above Raunak Mehta:
1. Gets xactly da same marks in a 10 mark class test n a 30 mark unit test...
2. Is a computer student..there4, gets his marks in binary numerals
3. In EVE he wishes dat hiz marks cud be represented in binary numerals..
4. I havent cn him get >30 in ne fact i hav serious doubts ol of his tests taken 2geda will get him 30 mks
5. Hw on urth did he manage 2 cr8 an rkut a/c?? i thot orkut had a bilt-in kewlness filter...oh doesnt....dat wud xplain it..

DE gL@d!@|00R... #p |-| En y |_ cYc|0H~*~nE
Wat on urth does 'p |-| En y |_ cYc|0H~*~nE' mean? I can undastand dat da 1st part is phenyl...but wut is da last part??? random goraguri in da mati??? cyclohe-wtf-ene???
Sum1 plz xplan hw big a dork 1 has 2 b 2 name himself after a chemical compound??? On a rela8d note...wat is da gender of benzene? shoul i call it a he or a she or a s/he?
Wat on urth is
Ladies n genlmen..sorry..ladies and....umm..da oder sorta dudes...introducing phenylcyclohexene. Uses include....lessee....generally mssing up weird n complex kemical's so darn useless it doesnt even hav a page on wikipedia!!! dat should giv u sum idea of da sorta person we r dealin wit...sad...
Q: Wat relashun does dat piece of abstract art dat serves as da DP of dis pathetic abomination hav 2 dis most xalted of kemicals?? A: Zilchen!! No relashun wateva..its not a relashun..its not even a function...its jus pure n simple zilch...pure boiled zilch...

//Xception has bin caught n thrown...
} catch (j**tXception j) {};
Peace, Yo!