Sunday, February 11, 2007

LoSErkut 4

luks lyk da last post elicited sum reaxions...2 bad i cudnt axully undastand wat da rxns wer... dat prolly figures..considering dey cum 4m Luzakuttians...

Deep .
Deep.....Deep...Deep....yup i agree hez very deep...2 deep 4 ne1's comfort axully. I dunno y hez got a period @ da end of his name, but i hope it aint due 2 ne biological factors...heheh, oltho, knowing deep, it'd prolly be...
I 1der y hez got a pic of 3 drunsets as his DP??? i mean it aint as if hez eva handled 3 drumstix even...i mean 3 drums? dat wud mean he wud axully hav 2 sell his unregistered jhopri n sell himself 2 j**t...(ewww)
U wanna kno wat i think? i think da pic has sum sorta symbological meaning..lesse...
3 drums -> 3 ovalapping...ummm....appendages
lots of cymbals -> symbological meaning...
blak dyud -> it symbolizes deep trying 2 count da no. of cymbals..but failing miserably as he cant count after 5...
blue backgrnd -> symbolizez da fact dat deep is colorblynd becuz his genotype is YY..(no gene of color differentiation)
blak stuff besyde da drums -> do i rly gotta xplan dis?

his activitiz include such gems as:
keorayin - oh yea..ol hail da gr8 keora master....da 2nd most "keoraest" guy in bosco
nutrifyin - congo deep...u magaed 2 spell nutrifying without thinkin abt nuts...oh, dats wr8, u dun hav sorry...
growin - ahem...ur dimensions in da x-direxion r olredy whch direxion r u growin?
blowin - no comments..nuff sed olredy
if u notice, none of his 'activities' hav a 'g' @ da end of dem...i gess dis is how deep spkz nowadays...2 hell wit ol established rulz of civilized sppech and enunciation....oh im sorry, it shud be 'nunciation.....

Mohan Ali Noor Isaac Arhaan Kumar
Wat sorta weirdo has a name dat is wider dan he is? Mohan Ali wtf? hw on urth does he remeber da ntyr friggin name? hey, ppl-hu-named-dis -obnoxious-fool,nex tym u name anoda poor fool, plz giv him a shorter name..1 whch fits in a normal person's vocabulary..n by normal, i mean a dude hu doesnt preach abt chipmunks livin his beard.
n luk @ his dp...wat sorta crappy fool makes up a weird coat-of-arms? dat 2 a coat-of-arms wit 2 gitarz arnd it n a tennis ball? ppl, get dis..wat friggin relashn does a gitar hav 2 a tennis ball??? lemme think...ummm, mebbe, NO RELASHUN??? it sorta luks lyk wat mah 13 yr old sofa set wud luk lyk if it wer dunked in2 a radioactive swamp 4 a cuple of billion yrs, n den a chipmunked peed in it...
Hav u lukd @ his profyl? he thinks its 'kool' 2 wr8 pseudo-german crap as his profyl?? wat sorta person calls himself a swissmullah? unless hez so retarded dat his brain axully moves in bak gear??? dats assuming dat hiz brain is sufficiently advanced 2 hav gears, which i srsly doubt @ dis point.

w8 a min....dis is my profyl...disregard evrything u hav red in da last cuple of pragrfz..dis has bin certified as da kewlest profyl on orkut..ol heil da gr8 profyl!

But, da absolute worst profyl on earth is dis 1 (u hav 2 b logged in2 orkut 2 view it):

Peace, Yo!

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