Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Fy6 is wrong..totally wrong...its abso-frigginly-totally-mynd-numingly-lutely incompetent....its incompetence can be represented 2 da left of negative infinity on a no. lyn!!
2day i was studying fy6....or @least pretending 2 study fy6...n i came across dis piece of heaven called "Regnault's Apparatus"....Mah 1st rxn on cing dat name was "I gotta hav a heart-2-heart tok wit his parents on IUPAC naming conventions 4 weird surnames"..but den i saw da pic....
R's apparatus consists of 2 parts, a heater n a calorimeter.
Da heater consists of an air chamber C surrounded by....bottom is closed by a trap door P thru whch da solid S...A thermometer T is inserted insyd chamber C...Da calorimeter R is ....sensitive thermometer T .. wooden screen Q...
In case u have da IQ of a ded frog whch was smashed by a car windscreen, here r da parts i hav a problem wit:
  • Air Chamber C
  • trap door P
  • solid S
  • thermometer T
  • wooden screen Q
Solid S? Chmaber C? Wats next? Finger F? I mean, wat is da use of labelling common house-hold objects lik a thermometer??? i wud undastand it if it was a piece of hily destructiv techno gadgetry lyk, umm....
  • large hadron collider L
  • particle smasher P
  • F-16 Killer F
  • Integrated WMD launcher I
  • j**t Fyter j
@least dese wud be remotely kewl...unlyk wooden screen Q....I mean, 4 Pete's sake, Y ON URTH WUD NE1, I REPEAT, NE1 EVEN WANT 2 LABEL A WOODEN SCREEN!!! even raunak mehta, R, wudn't mistake solid S 4 nething els, E (n dats saying a lot, L)....sheesh S.
Peace, Yo! P

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