Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More answers 2 questions ppl din ask


Jimmy Valentyn, 9763(k):
Q: Fx of versailles Treaty (5 mks)
A: "Da treaty of Versailles crippled Germany".....dats it..no mor..

Q: - purpose of da muslim league
a- to hate hindus....
. to do nutin at all
. to sit idle.
to demand 4 pakistan vch gets again rejectyed

q> y didcha cabinet not approve da muslim leagues demand 4 pakistan
a-> dey wer lazy bums!!!

"i was so bored durin da hist xam ... i went 2 da bathroom n was chattin ...n wen an invi comes 2 da bathroom n asks wat r u doin i say ..... khelar score dekhchhi...altho no khela dat day"

"i was isol8ed knew only 3 marx...so filled it up wid 1 pages of drum notations... n 2 pages of histry. da questions r longa dan mah answers!!!!!!"

q-> wat kinda relationship doz da pm hav wid da presi
a-> dey hav a very intim8 relationship...dey hav direct contact

Q: Y 15W bulb gloz brter dan 100w bulb?
A: "da bulb of 15w consumes very little power. It requires v. litle power 2 glo brytly. Even tho da 100W bulb consumes a lot of power, der is enuf power 4 da 15w bulb 2 glow...

Q: Draw Lactometer

Q: Draw apparatus 2 fynd latent heat of steam...
A: (clik 2 nlarge)

wat measures shud b taken 2 educ8 ppl?
a: teach dem EVE in skool

Peace, Yo!

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