Monday, February 5, 2007

LoSErkut 2

Raunak Mehta
WTF??? Y does Raunak Mehta hav 2 whorekut accountz??? how big a bigshot does he think he is?? whoa..look @ so desper8 2 luk kewl..i hav 2 orkut accounts, 1 wit a pic of mraan hasmi lookin as weird as he possibly can n one wit a pic of hritik roshan...huz level of kewlness is several orders of magnitude above mah puny lil xistence..
Facts above Raunak Mehta:
1. Gets xactly da same marks in a 10 mark class test n a 30 mark unit test...
2. Is a computer student..there4, gets his marks in binary numerals
3. In EVE he wishes dat hiz marks cud be represented in binary numerals..
4. I havent cn him get >30 in ne fact i hav serious doubts ol of his tests taken 2geda will get him 30 mks
5. Hw on urth did he manage 2 cr8 an rkut a/c?? i thot orkut had a bilt-in kewlness filter...oh doesnt....dat wud xplain it..

DE gL@d!@|00R... #p |-| En y |_ cYc|0H~*~nE
Wat on urth does 'p |-| En y |_ cYc|0H~*~nE' mean? I can undastand dat da 1st part is phenyl...but wut is da last part??? random goraguri in da mati??? cyclohe-wtf-ene???
Sum1 plz xplan hw big a dork 1 has 2 b 2 name himself after a chemical compound??? On a rela8d note...wat is da gender of benzene? shoul i call it a he or a she or a s/he?
Wat on urth is
Ladies n genlmen..sorry..ladies and....umm..da oder sorta dudes...introducing phenylcyclohexene. Uses include....lessee....generally mssing up weird n complex kemical's so darn useless it doesnt even hav a page on wikipedia!!! dat should giv u sum idea of da sorta person we r dealin wit...sad...
Q: Wat relashun does dat piece of abstract art dat serves as da DP of dis pathetic abomination hav 2 dis most xalted of kemicals?? A: Zilchen!! No relashun wateva..its not a relashun..its not even a function...its jus pure n simple zilch...pure boiled zilch...

//Xception has bin caught n thrown...
} catch (j**tXception j) {};
Peace, Yo!

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