Wednesday, January 31, 2007


sumtymes i wish orkut wasnt so full of r a list of da losers in no particular order ..

R0HIT!!!!!!!!!!! S@T@N is @fraid of me~~
DAS ME ON MAH 15 TH BDAY................d photo was taken at 2 o clock jus take a look at mah eyes im dead drunk!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets analyze sum facts of lyf:
1. Rohit aint da best lookin guy i hav seen
2. Wen ur drunk, ur looks do NOT significantly improve
3. Trust me, wen rohit iz drunk...his lookd defin8ly DONT improve..
4. Hell no....

Keeping da above thoughts in mynd...certain thoughts cum 2 mind:
1. y does rohit insist on polluting da net wit pix of himself?
2. y does rohit insist dat he'z drunk? first of all, rohit is in da same shirt in da next picture..n hez wit his family. i dun thnk rohit iz depraved enuf 2 be drunk wit hiz family. Secondly, if u clik here, u will see dat da camera clearly shows "8:14 PM" as da tym..n not 2, sum ppl hav srs lak in lyf...

Avik "not ready totally 4 icse"
"Not ready totally 4 icse"
*I jus lost 42000 brain cells after readin dat sentence*
wat does not ready totally ready mean??? wud it kill avik 2 read a lil bit of english b4 cumin on2 orkut???
His previous taglynes hav included:
-> Avik "takes lyf eazy"....oh yeah? so does evry oda luza ive eva made..wat makes u so spcl?
-> Avik "kidnapper (girl's heart)... im sorta confused abt dis...hw can a girl's heart kidnap a full grown 16 yr old kid? i mean, jus imagine da logistix involved..a heart..a tiny object da size of sum1's fist, dat doesnt even hav any hands or legs..pullin a 60 kg object??? i rly dun thnk dats possible..but f da gr8 avik sez its possible..den prolly it is..
-> Avik "not totally ready 4 icse"....oh yeah..go STUD...anagrams rock..dont dey?

|)E|3|\/|@|_Y@ |)|_|TT@
HUH? Do u spk
english??? i rly dun get y ppl think dat wr8n dere name in weird non-alfanumeric charakters makes dem 'kool'..spelling intended....half da guys hu wr8 dere names lyk dis r actually illiter8..i mean do dey even kno dat dis language axully has a name??'s called 1337(wat els?)....of course trying 2 figure wat dat means wud prolly take mr. datta a i wud nt recommend dat he go on a fact-fynding trip on dis....

By da way, hav u cn his dp? sum1 giv dis guy a glass of isabgol..maan he luks constipated....but of course, dis aint half as mad as debmalya iz gonna b wen he fgures out da meaning of dis post...but u kno wat? im nt worried..after ol, dis post is written in da tym he undastands it..he'll prolly be 92 yrs old...gud luk dyud..n god speed...

Raunak Mehta
Huh? W T F? Raunak Mehta haz a picture of Emraan Hashmi? Can sum1 plz tell me wat character traits he has in common wit Mr. Emraan Hashmi???
Oh Yah, Dats Ryt...NONE!!! Y on earth is Raunka mehta on9????
More 2 da Point...HOW is Raunak Mehta on9? A person wit a -ve IQ shud not be allowed 2 cum within 600 yards of a computer!!! y is he on orkut????
n..PLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAZ!!! 4 da luv of humanity..change da wer did u score dis pic? Dhapa? man, dis pic is pure visual pollution...Insted of banning da buk fair..maybe da hi court shud turn its attnshun 2 Raunak Mehta..aka..Aukad Bhai...

Dis aint ova...der r more ppl hu r pollutin orkut...2 b continued...
Peace, Yo!

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