Monday, January 22, 2007


hueva sed 2 wrongs dont make a ryt was wrong...i remebr i gave a test in which i had 2 fynd out sumthin rel8d 2 electricity n oda i used da left hand rule.. thing was i din kno da left hand i tried 2 deryve it uzing da eraser @ da end of my pencil, sum plain guessing n a lot of hall-collexion (dun ask), i still messed up da mag. field n da current..but, i stil got dat sum correct!! hw, u ask? well, it turns out i had 2 use ryt hand rule 2 fynd out da 4ce!!! so, in da end, mah messed up left hand rule actually gave da correct anser! It myt be argued dat der was a lot more dan 2 wrongs here..(derivation uzin eraser @ da end of mah pencil, hall-collexion, smelly sox...etc.) but 2 dat i say: apply middle finger rule!

Star Wars: Yday, i watched da return of da jedi...n i mus say, it suked!!! i mean, da movie is 20 yrs old! Sum1 plz spruce up da spcl fx..dey r a joke..luke swiches on his lightsaber..n da beam actually stops halfway while growin 2 its full length..hilarious it was...
1 more thing, if Master Yoda da strongest jedi warrior in da galaxy is, Y hire he does not an english tutor? If live 4 900 years old sum1 does, expected he iz 2 lurn da correct style of speaking english... if sit 4 hundreds of hrs on his green ass he can, surely lurn da structure of da english language he shud!!! It aint dat tuff...look dis is hw it goes:
*subject* *predicate* [Optional Xpletive]
on da oda hand, Master Yoda wud spk it lyk dis:
*beep* *strange bodily function* *gobbledygook* *gibberish* *may da 4ce be wit u!* *beep!*

spkin of beep remynded me of deep...
sum deepy incidents:
cl 9..fy6 test..optix..question is 2 draw da image due 2 a concave lens..deep has no scale..n no borrowing allowed...deep scratches his coconut..n cums up wit da idea:
* Lets assume a scale
* Let -------- equal to 5 cm. (------ is da distance betn his thunb index finger)
* He does da sum wit da assumed scale.
* Teacher takes 1 luk @ it, n gives him zero....n circles da sentence ".. ---- equal 2 5 cm.."

same test..deep tries 2 act smart..tries 2 fynd out da position of da image uzing lens eqn...un4tun8ly, he gets cot whyle doin da sum....lolz
Teach: " Wat r u doin, men?"
Deep: "Tryin 2 fynd out da image"
Teach: "Rub it out or i will giv u 0"
Deep (thnks): "Rub kemon kore korbo? Pen diye korechi to!"
Deep gets an idea...he colours ova da entyr working...if u havent cn deep's handwritin, lemme giv u an idea abt it.... assume an xtremely obese tyranosaurus rex sittin on a couch (i dunno hw) n munchin on a kingsize pizza, on a planet da size of jupiter...den deep's handwr8n wud be slightly larger dan da diameter of sed way, after finishin his colorin project deep discovers dat he haz finished almost 3/4th of da page...
Deep: "Sir i need a page."
Teach: "I dont hav another page. Do it on 1 sheet."
Deep: ":o"
sumhw he manages 2 squeeze his drawing in2 da remaining quarter of da page, n keeps his scale da same...even tho da entyr size of his pic wudn't b more dan 5 cm!!! Teacher also circles da drawin n da scale...

anoda day..he asks me n anirban a question abt da gravity of earth...i try 2 xplain it 2 him uzin a diagram...n i tell him 2 draw da earth. Deep draws a large circle...den draws a smaller circle insyde da previous circle, n den puts 2 dots insyd it...makin it a concentric circle with 2 eyes in it... till 2day i do not undastand hw twisted a person's concept has 2 be, 2 imagine earth 2 be a CONCENTRIC circle! after day incident, i hav wysely avoided ol references 2 science wen tokin 2 him....
Peace, Yo!

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Anonymous said...

puke....lyf'z juss one damned thin aftr anoder!!!!!!
naw,dat wazzz...damn interestin...
keep postin such stuffs....n one day,u myt b'cm d noble prize winner,4 writin...d stark reality.....

peace yo...lyf can only b understood backwards,but it must be lived forwards....hehe!

phiucharr pressy, o' malta!