Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Holy Cow! Calves can talk?

Reaxions 2 da comp test:

1. Q: Wat is JVM?
A:"Java Virtual machine is a machine that sits on top of da oder software"

2. Q: Diff. betn Java n oder compilation processes.
A:"Java uses a just in tym compiler....C++ does nt"

3. "Characteristics of OOP: WORA (no full form) n lightw8"...no oder xplanashuns necessary

4. "Ami bhablam je otao print korte hobe!!Tarpor dekhlam je print korte hobe na..tai korlam na..." (Pointing 2 da only part of da program dat was 2 be printed...

5. "Tai to!".... nuff sed

6. "Bubble sorter pass dekhate hobe? Ami toh pogam likhe elam!!!" Khepche gelo..

Since it is now an open secret dat recursive functions are gonna play an 'active' role in da ICSE, here is da definition of recursion....njoi!

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