Monday, March 19, 2007

Murfyz Law n oda related hypothsiz

Murfyz Law: If sumthing can go will.
Mohan's Lemma: If der is 1 test u dun need tym 2 study 4...u will get ogadh shomoy 4 it..on de oda hand if u hav had no tym 2 study 4 a particular subject...u will b asked 2 xpound on anandamath's freedom fyting karakteritix...even tho anandamath was written in PRAISE OF BRITISH RUL

considaar dis:
der wer 3 subs i DID NOT need 2 study i.e. Maths, Science, n Comp
on da oda hand dese wer da subs i DID need 2 study: Eng 2, hist, geo, EVE
on ur 3rd hand...der was bangla..abt wch i rly did NOT care...

now considaar DIS:
days b4:
Maths: 2
Sc: >7
Comp: >>7

Eng 2: 0 (dats ryt.....N/A)
Hist : 2
Geo: 1
EVE: 1

so...we cum 2 da conclusion...dat murfyz law models lyf's occurances quite accur8ly...

Murfyz lyf histry...relevant lyf histry:
Murfy was a US air 4ce captain...huz primary job was lukin bizy wen his superiors walked past...but u c...he had a problem...he had NOTHING 2 do...dis made him bcum very pessimistik (dum ask wat da connexion is) he invented murfyz law... whyle changing da tyre pressure on his F-16...

Moral of da story? Dont pay millions of dolalrs 2 MIT n harvard...jus giv US fyter pylots a notebuk...u'll hav da grand yunified thoery of burgernomix in no tym...

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