Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SG days...Part II of ?

People Profyl...
Ankit Ganla... first friend...met him on the bus that was upposed to take me sumwhere...very first trying to sleep...n this bald hairy guy ( dun ask me hw u can b bald n hairy at d same time) cums n says im ankit...i thot he was the tour guide or i went back to sleep...or tried to... cuz he sat ryt nex to me...n kept pestering me with questions...well, I learnt that he was always gonna b that irritating...n also that he was my it tried to put up with him...still putting up...12 months later :P..
ankit is the happy go lucky guy...spks inglis with the same wannabe amrikan axent that 1/2 of india tries to emulate... speaks marathi with the same axent that... ok i better not continue...
student councillor...does a lotta crzy stuff...has more hair on his face at any given time than I have on my ntyr body

Plackerwal.. i am told that his real name is sumthing else...but i dun remeber it :P... his lyf has 2 modes...sleeping n running. When placky is in natural state...he is horizontal on his bed..when placky is in P +6 state, he is on the track, rotating around it. Placky sleeps when im awake and plackyz awake when im sleeping...This arrangement evolved cuz neither of us fit in our our legs inevitably end up on the wrong bed :P plackyz prolly the 2nd best CS player ever...the best DoTA player ive seen...n basically gawdlyk in every sport known to man..n some unknown to man...till recently he was in NJC track n field...but then he became jealous of my $60 roland garros tennis team t hes in NJ tennis so now we r the "indians in tennis".. when both of us are plying... the entire singpaore police is deployed with snipers trained on us. this dude is up 4 long as he gets to go 2 sleep after doing it...oh, n to everyone in NJ, we both look the same...ppl think we r twins... cuz we r both tall, dark n not-so-handsome.

Shashank: "Shashank ek anokha prani hai...issey mainak aur ankit ke roommey paya jata" - anonymous. for the first part of the year, shashank - aka shashi- slept in our room. for the next part, he slept on the couch in the common area...dun ask me why. shashi is my classmate. the only other indian in my class..or atleast he is..whenever he comes to school. shashi has taken more medical certificates of absence in a week  than i have in a year...
maths teacher: mainak is shashank sick?
me: i hope so...cuz he definitely has a certificate saying he's sick
that d00d is lazier than I am...n thats saying sumthing...his only CCA is Cricket...cum on...who joins cricket openly? thats lyk saying i cum from bihar in front of bal thackerays house...its suicide. oh...n hes got a robot called Alex

Bong Yi Ping: the first jetlagged n sleepy...n im sitting in a comfy chair that is EXTREMELY conducive to sleep...n suddenly this lady booms "bong" first reaction is to stand at attention...but then i decide its too much effort...if she really wants to call me she shud call my name..nt my state' my surprise a very shrill voice screams like...bong is a person? more importantly, bong is a girl? hu the crap names their kid bong? neway turned out bong was her last name...she is NOT bengali...n shes totally embarrased abt her name...cum on hu wudnt be?
she givs me food...when im other wods..ALL the gal...gud dancer...way b8r than i am :P

Yeo Minli: for the first few days i thot she had the kewlest name EVER...i mean..her name was yo! then i found out it was her surname.. that was a depressing prolly the smartest person i know...gonna get a gold in bio olympiad after studying for lyk 2 mths...owns every1 in NJ lol

Soon Yin Wei: SAT! thats the name i gave him cuz he was always talking abt the SAT and when we would be giving it...he was obsessed with teh SAT...everyday he wud cum down to the comp lab n chk the daily SAT question...i wud b chatting on gtalk..n he wud cum..n do the question n then go away..after the first month he was posted to my class....n then he got into orion with me n we were lyk thrown together quite a lot.. then he was in my PW group. My sad sad pathetic in the beginning and then amazing in the end PW group...infact he was the one who provided the idea for my groups project...that guy was a smart dude. Then suddenly in the middle of the holidays, I got a call telling me that he was leaving SG to go to the US. n then my world came crashing down around me...ryt there in the Singapore zoo, in the bird enclosure, i was lyk: there is no way...wat happens to our PW group? But yeah, we pulled through in the thats alright. Ironically, I talked more with him after he left than when we were classmates. even though we did go out together quite a lot too, being like the only direct scholars, we were different from the rest...i guess u never really estimate the worth of a person until he or she leaves...i think college day was the last time we really hung out.. now the dudes in malaysia doing sum bridging course 4 the US. The moral of the story is: If u wanna make it to the US, get insulted by me :P

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