Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Lessons in K Pt. 2: Da Chaapless Chaap

A Gamla asked a Kstud when he was weighing some flax: `What is K?'
Da Kstud said: `This flax weighs three pounds.'
Da Gamla said: 'Tor ...'
n da Kstud was nlytened

Dari asked Jack: `The world is such a wide world, why do you answer a bell and don ceremonial robes?'
Jim replied: 'Would u rather dat he didnt don ne robe?'
n Dari was nlytened

Gamla asked Manky: `What is the path?'
Manky said: `Everyday life is the path.'
Gamla asked: `Can it be studied?'
Manky said: `If you try to study, you will be far away from it.'
Gamla asked: `If I do not study, how can I know it is the path?'
Manky said: `Tor m*key.'
At these words Gamla was enlightened.

A Kstud asked Neo: `What is K?' Neo answered him: `Dried dung.'
n da Kstud was nlytened.

A Kstud asked Kman: `Without speaking, without silence, how can you express the truth?'
Kman replied: _|_
n da Kstud was nlytened.

Shanky of da kewl skul was about to lecture before dinner when he noticed that the bamboo screen lowered for meditation had not been rolled up. He pointed to it. Two Kstuds arose from the audience and rolled it up.
Shanky, observing the physical mobhement, said: `The phuchaar of the first Kstud is good, not that of the other.'

Dari was studying K under Shanky. One night he came to Shanky and asked many questions. The teacher said: `The night is getting old. Why don't you retire?'
So Daribowed and opened the screen to go out, observing: `It is very dark outside.'
Shanky offered Dari a lighted candle to find his way. Just as Dari received it, Shanky blew it out. At that moment the mind of Dari was opened.
`What have you attained?' asked Shanky.
Dari sed: 'I hab attained nlytenment. My w8 decreases'
At dat moment, Shanky pushed Dari down da stairs.
n Dari was nlytened.

A travelling Kstud asked an old woman the road to da kewl skul, a popular Kplace supposed to give wisdom to the one who goes there. The old woman said: `Go straight ahead.' When the Kstud proceeded a few steps, she said to herself: `He also is a common k-doer.'
Someone told this incident to Manky, who said: `Wait until I investigate.' The next day he went and asked the same question, and the old woman gave the same answer.
Manky remarked: `I have investigated that old woman.'
n da Kstud was nlytened.
Da old woman hurd dis, sed 2 Manky: 'Tor ...'
n Manky was nlytened.

Peace, Yo!


Tamaghna said...

huz gamla btw??

Anonymous said...

gamla == deep