Monday, May 21, 2007

y u shud NOT hold deb8s in our class

Englis deb8:
Original Topik: Intellectually chal..sorry..quaified ppl shud go 2 da west

arjun: arey...eastey ja aar westey ja...eki byapar toh! ektu beshi ghurlei easte thkey wetsy pouchey jabi!
shank: u hab a point der! america is axully closer 2 da east!
neo: ok den...1st 5 mins amra probe korbo jey east = west

*deb8 rages on...topic has changed 2 y science is b8r in da west*
aritra(agenst da moshun): but, u dont need adbhanced scientific instruments 2 lurn science...
neo (for): hey aritra..temme...u'll agree dat da most adbhances in fy6 in da last 50 yrs hab bin in da field of particle fy6?
aritra(perks up @ da thot of particle fy6): yah..sure!
neo: temme...if u dont hab a hadron collider how on urth do u study subatomic fy6?
aritra: :-\

*5 mins l8r*
arkayan: u see, da topic was....(axully sez sumthing srs)...
ebry1: dhusala..chup kor...(in 4nt of da teacher)

*5 mor mins l8r...topik changed agen...y der r mor facilities 2 study in da west*
aritra: but u cannot guarantee dat all of da gr8est scientists hab had gr8 facilities 2 study in...newton...edison...dey din hab all dese facilities
me: sala, newton was da professor of math in ox4d! ur sayin he din hab facilities?
shank: edison had books....we dun hab dat same lebhel of boks here
aritra: yes...we do hab dose boks here
me: aritra, tell me..hab u bin 2 da park circus library?
aritra: no
me; of kourse u doesnt xist
aritra: :-|

EBE deb8
topic: EBE shud b introdyuced in syllibus..

Neo: Peace!
Ebry1: Heil Neo! (Nazi salute)
Neo: i hab a frnd..
ebry1: *shocked xpression*
neo: b4 EBE..he used 2 b enbhironmentally conscious...he used 2 turn off da tap...n recycle ebrything
ebry1: Ebrything?
neo: sorry..NOT ebrything..MOST things...neway, last tym wen i met him...i saw dat he had stopped duin enbhironmenty things...he doesnt turn off da tap nemor...i asked him y..n he sed, "mah teech sed i suk @ EBE. so i wanna sho ppl dt i suk @ EBE", we can c dat EBE is a set of bhaluez dat we instill in ourslebhes...@ da most it is just a special case of Moral Science.
Teach: :O (thnx: no phuchaar!)

Peace, Yo!

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