Thursday, May 17, 2007

bak in blak

lon tym no blogging...sorry....chaap hoy gechilo...axully not so much chaap as *habing*waaaaaay*2*much*fun*...:)
neway...dis is wat's bin happening in class nowadayz....
PROCEEDINGS in Cl 11 sec. K (yes, it's officially bin renamed)

-> chem: teech gibs sums...we copy down da sums...n da answers r giben by aritra mitra...wch r promptly copied down by da bak benchers...1 day, teech cums round 2 bak of class...
teech (2 apro): Ki re, parchis?
*apror khatay 2to onko copy kora...aar koyekta drawing kora*
apro: (cobering his drawings) ha sir parchi!
teech: gud gud!
me: sir, how do u do dat sum?
teech: blah blah (goes away)
apro: r ektu holei mortam!

-> fy6: teech gibs sums...shanky n tommy do da onko in der khata...neo snores...n i *try* 2 solbe da sum using shank'z programming calcul8r...
teech: do dis sum (reffering 2 humongus bhector sum)
(5 mins l8r)
aritra: maam, da ans is ....
shnk: no, da ans is ...
tommy: nana...ans hoche p-ij (loudly)
*bakbenchers laff...teech n marus clueless...tommy xplains p-ij concept 2 a maru..maru falls down due 2 k-oberload*
teech: mohan, wats da ans?
me: ma'am hold on...*furiously punching calci keys*'am da ans is: "stack error"
teech: :-|
shank: wat did u do wit ma calci?
me: ami ki jani? tor stack eto choto keno?
anoda day...anoda class...anoda day spnt in bhain by teech trying 2 bhectorize us...
teech: do dis sum..
me: shanky gib ur calci
*starts pressing keys @ random...i dont notice da teech standing bhynd me*
me: (after getting anoda stack error) dur...tor stack ta boro korish na keno?
shanky: Math error peley ki Mathta boro kortey bolbi?
teech: (teech has bin luking @ mah copy ol dis tym) is dis ur regular fy6 copy?
*note: if u dunno abt mah fy6 copy...lemme tell started out as mah fy6 copy in cl 10...den it became mah geogo its mah fy6 copy..also, shanky n aritra thnk it is their pribhilege 2 scribble/draw w/e it is dat dey cum up wit....result...da copy luks lyk a cross betn a war zone and a rhesus monkey's bottom...da particular page dat da teech was luking @ had:
1. a sum on projectyl moshun
2. da words: "CaO + Ra = CaORa under hy chaap"
3. a drawing of da WTC
4. da fysical features of myanmar*
me: yesh maam
(i close da copy n sho her da subject name: "fysix..she takes da copy n gibs it da 1ce ober...she turns da page...n cums upon: "electromagnet - it is a magnet wch runs on electricity"...she mentally thnx no phuchaar)
teech: u shud buy a nu copy...u will need a big copy in cl 11
me: ma'am, da stashunery doesnt hab ne mor big copies
teech: buy it 4m outsyd
me: in my area, der r no shops....(pechon theke keu bollo: ma'am, molla paray thakey)
teech: :-| (goes away)
neo: ma'am, luk @ mah copy...sold under pobherty debhelopment scheme 4 Rs 2....
teech: no phuchaar!

-> Englis: walter mitty's karakter analysis
teech: so we c dat WM is a dreamer
shank: ma'am i thnk he was skizofrenic...dat is y he knew so much abt ol dose medical terms..
tommy: ma'am, he was neurotic...
shank: ma'am wat is coreopsis? i thnk he was a doctor..odawyz he wudnt kno abt coreopsis..
me: ma'am he was a german double agent hu flew sea-planes and duble crossed da allies...
teech: :o..WTF? den she rembrs wch class she is in...n tells me 2 sit down..
neo: ma'am, i was just 1dering, hu dis Dr. ren**shaw is?
teech: he is a person hu has no phuchaar...lyk u...

-> Comp:
scene: teech is chatting wit 2 maru brownnosers...
sayan n basu: ei tui or pechon theke ghurey ashtey parbi na
me: dara... (stands up...n walks around da class...goes behynd teech, xamines da board...cums bak)
neo does da same 4m da oder syd...
sayan n basu: no phuchaar... ( dey get up n walk arnd da class)
*me, neo sayan n basu...ol perambul8in da class...teech is blissfully ignorant*
me: (2 teech) sir, CCTB's will b installed in ebry class?
tommy: sir, inbhasion of pribhacy!!
me: sir, da principal will teach us bhalue edcashun....after watching us thru da camera? isnt der a conflict of intrest sumwer?
teech: :-|
me: sir, turbo c++ is 30 yrs old...der is only 1 syt wer u can dl it...n its called
teech: so?
me: sir, y do we hab 2 lurn antik software? we can crack da latest edishun of TC n use dat, cant we?
teech: no, principal wont allow..
me: :-| how will he kno?
teech: he knoz..he knoz...
*WTF? we watch mobhies lyk eragon on disks wch r so obiously pirated dey wud make capn. jak sparrow blush wit shame....n we cant use TURBO C++ bhersion 5? how is dat justified?
oh, n by the way, my skul comp is infected wit BRONTOK.A bhirus...resarch showed..IT'S A MOBYL BHIRUS...shadhe boli, no phuchaar?*
-sum parts r obiously fixional...but most of it is tr00-
Peace, Yo!


Tamaghna said...

btw our skul comps also possess mcafee antibhairuss.... vch possesses xtremeli limited capabilitiz in dealing wid mobyl viruses apparentli...

pir8ed ?? ne tekrs??

Anonymous said...

"our" skul?
BGKB has comps? unnoti hoyeche taholey?