Monday, May 21, 2007

Lessons in K

A Kstud asked Manky, a K master: `Has a cow K-nature or not?'
Manky answered: `Moo.'

Manky raised his finger whenever he was asked a question about K. A boy attendant began to imitate him in this way. When anyone asked the boy what his master had preached about, the boy would raise his finger.
Manky heard about the boy's mischief. He seized him and cut off his finger. The boy cried and ran away. Manky called and stopped him. When the boy turned his head to Manky, Manky raised up his own finger. In that instant the boy was enlightened.
When Manky was about to pass from this world he gathered his Kstuds around him. `I attained my finger-K,' he said, `from my teacher Foo, and in my whole life I could not exhaust it.' Then he passed away.

Neo asked: `Why does the enlightened man not stand on his feet and explain himself?' And he also said: `It is not necessary for speech to come from the tongue.'

Two students of K were arguing about a pole. One said: `The pole is moving.'
The other said: `The wind is moving.'
The Kman happened to be passing by. He told them: `Not the wind, not the pole; ur mind is moving.'

Shanky complained when he saw a picture of the bearded Dari: `Why hasn't that fellow a beard?'
Da Kman sed: Bhonjo!
n Shanky was nlytened

Dari called out to himself every day: `Master.'
Then he answered himself: `Yes, sir.'
And after that he added: `Become sober.'
Again he answered: `Yes, sir.'
`And after that,' he continued, `do not be deceived by others.'
`Yes, sir; yes, sir,' he answered.

Neo went to the dining room from the K hall holding his bowl. Dari was on duty cooking. When he met Neo he said: `The dinner ball is not yet beaten. Where are you going with your bowl?'
So Neo returned to his room.
Dari told Shanky about this. Shanky said: `Old Neo did not understand the ultimate k.'
Neo heard of this remark and asked Shanky to come to him. `I have heard,' he said, `you are not approving my K.' Shanky admitted this indirectly. Neo said nothing.
The next day Neo delivered an entirely different kind of lecture to the Kstuds. Shanky laughed and clapped his hands, saying: `I see our old man understands the ultimate truth indeed. None in keo can surpass him.'

Neo saw the Kstuds fighting over a pole. He seized the pole and told the monks: `If any of you say a good word, you can save the pole.'
No one answered. So Neo boldly cut the pole in two pieces.
That evening Manky returned and Neo told him about this. Manky removed his sandals and, placing them on his head, walked out.
Neo said: `If you had been there, you could have saved the pole.'

Shanky called to his attendant: `Mota.'
Mota answered: `Yes.'
Shanky repeated, to test his pupil: `Mota.'
Mota repeated: `Yes.'
Shanky called: `Mota.'
Mota answered: `Yes.'
Shanky said `I ought to apologize for you for all this calling, but really you ought to apologize to me.'
Mota answered: 'Tor ...'
n Shanky was nlytened

Peace, Yo!

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